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Harry Potter Fandom: Potterheads, and Where to Find Them

The Harry Potter fandom is alive and well on  It’s no big surprise that Potterheads are foaming at the mouths in anticipation of the upcoming film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. After all, […]


12th Man: The Effects of Fandom

Ask any player, on any team in the NFL “Where is the hardest place to play?”, and chances are, you will hear the words “CenturyLink Field”.  Not because of the harsh weather, field conditions, or […]

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Virtual Reality & Video Games: A Fandom’s New Frontier

Virtual Reality and the Video Game Fandom on Fanpage. So what was it that Lawnmower Man and the sequel to Back to the Future had in common? They were both very right about virtual reality. […]

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The Many Names of Fandoms: Are You a Fan?

Potterheads have meetups, The 12th Man snaps photos around the world with their signs, KatyCats blog about what to wear to a concert, and Trekkies…they go to the conventions. Who or what are these people? They are a part of […]

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The Bachelor is Back – Time to Have a ‘Bachelor’ Party!

The Bachelor Fandom is growing at! Uh-Oh, ladies. It’s baaack…or should I say he’s back? That’s right, The Bachelor returns for its 20th season, on ABC. It is scheduled to premiere on January 4th, […]

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Cosplay Your Fandom: A Cause to Play

In 1984, while attending the WorldCon (World Science Fiction Convention), a Japanese man by the name Nobuyuki Takahashi became intrigued by the Americans in costume and coined the phenomenon “cosplay”.  Years later, we only know […]

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The Sixth “Game” has been “Throne”: Game of Thrones Fandom

Um, who else can hardly wait for season six’s premiere of Game of Thrones? Neither can we, here at! Rumors have it the sixth season was picked up in April of 2014, and is scheduled to […]


Nascar Fandom is on the Rise: Start Your Engines!

NASCAR is a driving force on Fanpage! Vroom vroom! That’s the most beautiful sound in the world to a loyal NASCAR fan. And there’s little question as to why, either. The sound of the engines, the […]


Coldplay and Their Timeless Tunes

It’s said about some artists that they will forever be great – that they will remain classics forever. Timeless in their tunes. This can be said about artists like The Beatles, The Stones, U2, Sting, Whitney, […]

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Why “Superman Lives” Died

Why “Superman Lives” Died Superman is alive and well at Fanpage! What do Kevin Smith, Tim Burton, Jon Peters, and Nicolas Cage all have in common? They were all a part of the Superman Lives film, […]

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