The Star Trek Fandom: Live Long and Prosper

“Space…the final frontier”, “Beam Me Up Scotty”, or how about “Live Long and Prosper” (more accurately, “dif-tor-heh-smusma” in Vulcan lingo).   These words immediately bring the same thing to mind for millions of people around […]

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Bangtan Boys & The K-Pop Fandom – Gaining Global Ground

If you haven’t heard of the Bangtan Boys, well, now you have.  A big and powerful movement in the music industry- known as K-Pop- has gained a great deal of momentum in the past several […]

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Sherlock Holmes Fandom: Why We Love Him is Elementary

The earliest known use of the term “fandom” was in 1893, when fans of the beloved novel series “Sherlock Holmes”, set up public demonstrations after the title character was “killed off” in the last of […]

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World Cup Fandom: Why the ‘Cup’ is So Worldly

The World Cup fandom is kicking off on Fanpage! Watch out Super Bowl, there’s a new growing fandom in sporting events, and it’s taking the globe over by storm! What is this new fascination that people just […]

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David Bowie: A Legendary Fandom

Here at, our hearts go out to the family and friends of David Bowie. May he rest in peace. When in the car, who doesn’t crank it up when you hear the song, “Under […]

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Harry Potter Fandom: Potterheads, and Where to Find Them

The Harry Potter fandom is alive and well on  It’s no big surprise that Potterheads are foaming at the mouths in anticipation of the upcoming film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. After all, […]


12th Man: The Effects of Fandom

Ask any player, on any team in the NFL “Where is the hardest place to play?”, and chances are, you will hear the words “CenturyLink Field”.  Not because of the harsh weather, field conditions, or […]

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Virtual Reality & Video Games: A Fandom’s New Frontier

Virtual Reality and the Video Game Fandom on Fanpage. So what was it that Lawnmower Man and the sequel to Back to the Future had in common? They were both very right about virtual reality. […]

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The Many Names of Fandoms: Are You a Fan?

Potterheads have meetups, The 12th Man snaps photos around the world with their signs, KatyCats blog about what to wear to a concert, and Trekkies…they go to the conventions. Who or what are these people? They are a part of […]

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The Bachelor is Back – Time to Have a ‘Bachelor’ Party!

The Bachelor Fandom is growing at! Uh-Oh, ladies. It’s baaack…or should I say he’s back? That’s right, The Bachelor returns for its 20th season, on ABC. It is scheduled to premiere on January 4th, […]

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