Boise Music Festival, Fanpage, and Flo Rida

Boise Music Festival, Fanpage, and Flo Rida

If you live anywhere near Boise Idaho, then you know about the Boise Music Festival happening on June 24th. Between 70 – 90 thousand are expected to attend, which equates to a third of the total population of Boise. Flo Rida, The Band Perry, Sean Kingston, Austin Mahone and the Emily Stanton Band will take the main stage. Add to that, numerous side stages featuring local bands and a full midway with rides and funnel cakes, and you’ve got yourself a party. And at this year’s festival, there’s an added attraction. Concert-goers will be competing throughout the day for a chance to hang with Flo Rida himself.  It might not be at ‘His House’, but at least it’ll be backstage.

After downloading the app, fans will post their pictures and videos from the event, and share them with their friends. They can also use the camera feature within the app which includes BMF image overlays (like snapchat), and are then automatically shared on social media.  As their content receives views, likes and shares, they’ll move up the BMF Leaderboard.  At 5:00, the fan at the top of the leaderboard wins.

And why are fans excited about the contest? (besides meeting Flo, of course).  Because they can find and follow other people attending the concert in the BMF Community in the app (and maybe plan a meet-up???). It’s also a great way to see everyone else’s pictures and videos, and at an all day event, a little gamification and competition always adds to the fun.

And by using the Fanpage app for the contest, The Boise Music Festival is turning their concert-goers into social brand advocates. As contestants share images to compete in the contest, they’ll also be sharing a small advertisement asking their friends to join them at the Festival, with a link to buy tickets.

Brands like The Boise Music Festival that use the app for contests, can either have its contestants create brand awareness for their own brand, or sell the ad space as a digital sponsorship opportunity for the event. And since it doesn’t cost the brand a penny, it’s nothing but added value.

Are you planning on attending the Boise Music Festival? If so, download the app at iTunes or Google Play and get ready to have a blast. And did we mention there’s also a pre-event contest happening right now? Post and share your favorite content about your favorite performers at the upcoming show and climb the leaderboard.  The fan at the top of the leaderboard at noon on June 22nd will win the chance to become the social media corespondent for the event, pit passes, and a meet-n-greet with The Band Perry.  And come by our booth and say hi – we’ll be giving away a lot of cool stuff!

Are you on the planning team of the next big Music Festival? Want to create brand awareness, sell more tickets, engage the fans and create an awesome experience? If so, drop us a line at  We’ll have you set-up in no time.