David Bowie: A Legendary Fandom

Here at, our hearts go out to the family and friends of David Bowie. May he rest in peace. When in the car, who doesn’t crank it up when you hear the song, “Under […]

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The Many Names of Fandoms: Are You a Fan?

Potterheads have meetups, The 12th Man snaps photos around the world with their signs, KatyCats blog about what to wear to a concert, and Trekkies…they go to the conventions. Who or what are these people? They are a part of […]

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Fanpage: Fandoms Are on the Rise

Why Fanpage? Whether we know it or not, we are probably all a part of a Fandom.  Whether we’re a Swifty, PotterHead, Trekkie, Die Hard Cowboys Fan, or so loyal to our alma-mater that we […]

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