Coldplay and Their Timeless Tunes

Coldplay and Their Timeless Tunes

It’s said about some artists that they will forever be great – that they will remain classics forever. Timeless in their tunes. This can be said about artists like The Beatles, The Stones, U2, Sting, Whitney, Celine and of course Elvis and Michael Jackson. The same can most assuredly be said for Coldplay. They are a modern-day band with a timeless sound, that will be played, studied and admired for generations to come.

What is it about Coldplay that we adore so much? Is it their deep, somewhat melancholy lyrics that we’ve fallen in love with? Is it their hooks, chords and melodies that we swim in and zone out to? Is it their vocals and hard core talent that we admire and try to emulate when playing in our own bands in our parents’ garage? 

Whatever the answer, all we know is that we love them, dread the day when the band will split, and cherish every, single one of their albums. From the first time we heard Yellow to Clocks to Viva La Vida, we knew that we had something special and never ending in their style. We got lost in their sounds and wrapped ourselves up in each of their albums, playing them over and over again on our CD players, MP3s and IPods, until we didn’t need the devices anymore, and could play them all back verbatim, mentally. 

Deep down, we don’t want the band to ever end. I mean, it’s going to be like when The Beatles broke up, right? It’s not okay. We do not want that day to come! They’ve been such a facet of our lives, musically speaking, that it’s hard to imagine a chapter of it not including a new Coldplay hit to run in the background. 

And we’re not alone with our opinion of the band.  The NFL has recently announced that Coldplay will be headlining the halftime show for Super Bowl 50.  We can’t wait.

Sadly, and I do mean very sadly, there’s word that the band might be coming to an end. Chris Martin came out in November of this year with the news that their “final album” is to be released in 2016, followed by a tour. It may not be the end of Coldplay for sure, but it’s looking that way. 

Inevitably all good things must come to an end, and it looks as though this great thing is coming to an end as well, but their music will live forever.

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