The Many Names of Fandoms: Are You a Fan?

The Many Names of Fandoms: Are You a Fan?

Potterheads have meetups, The 12th Man snaps photos around the world with their signs, KatyCats blog about what to wear to a concert, and Trekkies...they go to the conventions. Who or what are these people? They are a part of a growing number of fandoms that have taken over, not only the nation, but the world! While we may just refer to them as “fans of something”, they consider themselves to be a lot more than that. Think of it kind of like groupies of Harry Potter or Katy Perry, or One Direction. These are more than just fans, these are people with a passion and not just some of the time, lifestyle, geared to the fandom of their liking. From wearing the signature clothing of the character, story, singer, actor, movie, etc. – to knowing what that character, singer or actor might wear, eat, sing, walk, talk, etc.. It’s more than just paying attention – it’s knowing the subject by wrote. They are powerful subcultures emerging in our society, and it’s time to talk about it!

Maybe it’s The Queen Bey that you love. Maybe it’s Maroon 5. Maybe it’s Harry Potter. Or maybe it’s Russel Wilson. Whatever, or whomever you’re a fan of- you are more than likely a fan of something or someone. And also more than likely, whatever or whomever you’re a fan of, you are not the only who is a fan of that something or someone. This, my dear readers, is known as a fandom.

So just like Harry Potter fans are known as Potterheads, Taylor Swift fans are known as Swifties and Katy Perry fans are known as Katy Kats – usually every fandom’s fan base has a nick-name. What’s yours?

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the “Fandom Nicknames” that we think are relevant:

Beliebers Justin Bieber fans

SwiftiesTaylor Swift fans

DirectionersOne Direction fans

Bachelor Nation – The Bachelor fans

Trekkies – Star Trek fans

Tributes – Hunger Games fans

Twi-hards/Twilighters – Twilight fans

Angels/Simsponizers – Cody Simpson fans

Selenators – Selena Gomez fans

Lovatics – Demi Lovato fans

KatyCats(Kats) – Katy Perry fans

Rihanna Navy – Rihanna fans

Arianators – Ariana Grande fans

Mahomies – Austin Mahone fans

Mixers – Little Mix fans

Little Monsters – Lady Gaga fans

Sheerios/Sheeranators – Ed Sheeran fans

Halers – Lucy Hale fans

Bey Hive – Beyoncè fans

Britney Army – Britney Spears fans

Smilers – Miley Cyrus fans

Lambs – Mariah Carey fans

Barbz – Nicki Minaj fans

Fanmily – The Wanted fans

Truebies – True Blood fans

Colbert Nation – Stephen Colbert fans

Thronies/Throners/Brotherhood without Banners/The Bookwalkers/the Unsullied/GRRuMblers – Game of Thrones fans

Whovians – Dr. Who fans

Star Warriors/Jedis/Warsies – Star Wars fans

Phans (not Phish-heads!) – Phish fans

Juggalos/Juggalettes – Insane Clown Posse fans

Bruce Tramps – Bruce Springsteen fans

Whedonites/Browncoats – Josh Whedon 

Tolkienites or Tolkiendils (book fans)/Ringers (movie fans) –  Lord of the Rings fans 

Fannibals – Hannibal Lecter fans

Gleeks – Glee fans

Cumberbitches/Sherlockians – Benedict Cumberbatch fans

Walker Stalkers/DEADicated – The Walking Dead fans

Avatards – Avatar fans

Batmaniacs – Batman

Marvel Zombies – Marvel Comics fans

Shellheads – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans

Hornheads – Daredevil fans

Backies – Back to the Future fans

Ghostheads – Ghostbusters fans

Loki’s Army – The Avengers fans

The Bomb Squad  – Adam Bomb fans

The People – The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) fans

RushersBig Time Rush fans

Gearheads – Gears of War fans

Flocks – Angry Birds fans

Cheeseheads/Packer-backers – Green Bay Packers fans

Cardinal Nation – St. Louis Cardinals fans

The Lake Show – L.A. Lakers fans

Red Army – Manchester United fans

Red Sox Nation – Boston Red Sox fans

The 12th Man – Seattle Seahawks fans

Finaddicts – Jaws fans

So, let’s refresh: Beliebers, Directioners, Little Monsters, Hooligans, Finaddicts, Backies, and Beyhive – there is a whole other planet of followers of these superstars. And what makes them superstars are their fans – who have created entire fandoms around being their fans, and around the celebrity or phenomenon that they find enjoyment watching, listening to, or participating in.

Take for example Potterheads: it may not surprise most of us that the fandom of Harry Potter and pretty much anything having to do with J.K. Rowling go hand-in hand, and that their fan-base is current and up-to-date on where to meet up, where events are held and when. Though, there are some meet-ups that even Potterheads may not be aware of (Click here if you are interested in knowing where the ultimate Potterhead meet-up will be, and when it will take place)! Potterheads know more than the average Joe on the street about Hogwarts Academy, what makes a Wizard a true Wizard and maybe even how to properly fly a broomstick. That is what makes them Potterheads, and they are the reason they make up the fandom of Harry Potter.

Another big fandom is around Katy Perry and her Katy Kats do a wonderful job of keeping her in business, a star, and as popular as she has continually become. It doesn’t hurt that she has outrageously cool music videos (even filming one in Budapest, Hungary on the balcony of the Four Seasons hotel – that’s right, the video Firework); it also doesn’t hurt that she is really pretty, or that she’s been helping advertise Cover Girl lately. Even still, her Katy Kat crowd knows exactly what they’re talking about when they blog, know exactly what to wear when they show up for a concert, and know exactly how to advise someone on anything “Katy Perry”. According to a fan-based blog, wearing wigs, and bright colors – Cali-style, if you will – are the perfect choice when attending one of Katy’s concerts.

Are you a “belieber”? If you are, then you just might have Bieber Fever! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Justin Bieber fans are just as hot as ever, and maybe that’s because as the years pass, the hotter he gets? Sorry, again, I couldn’t resist. In any case beliebers are helping the Justin Bieber fandom grow everyday, when they buy CDs, go to his fan club page, when they follow him on Twitter, or when they check out his pictures on Instagram. They know about his ups and downs with Selena Gomez, they know about his next upcoming concert tour and they know if you’ve been naughty or nice. Ha ha, just kidding.

If you think you’re a 12th Man – then step back, because I have the coolest t-shirt of them all! No, if you’re a 12th Man you don’t necessarily have to be from Seattle (although you’d be cooler if you were – not just temperature wise, either 😉 ). The 12th Man – a.k.a. Seattle Seahawks fans – are considered to be some of the coolest fans in the whole world, and definitely the loudest and strongest fan-base in all of NFL! That’s pretty amazing! The 12th Man keeps the Seahawks fandom alive and well for the team to survive and stay strong. They are always there for the team- maybe not always physically in the stands, but for sure in spirit. Heck, there’s even a 12th Man fanpage on Facebook dedicated to sporting the 12th Man sign in different parts of the world. Even I have a photo holding a self-made sign in Italy two years ago! This fandom is not soon to die-down anytime soon!

So there you have it, whether you consider yourself affluent when it comes to Justin’s tune Baby Baby or know all of Richard Sherman’s stats; whether you are a fan of Beethoven’s or Chopin’s work, or maybe you just like a little bit of Tim Burton to drown in on a Friday night after work, or maybe you can’t resist some of The Little Couple on TLC– whatever or whomever you’re a fan of, you are a contribution to one or many a fandom.

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