Fandom Trivia on Fanpage: Game On!

Play Fandom Trivia on Fanpage! Everyone wants to say that they’re the biggest of fan of their favorite musical artist or group, and at Fanpage we’re on a mission to find out exactly who that is. And what better way to start, than to see who knows the most about their fandom. With Fandom trivia on Fanpage, fans are showing their stuff, learning more about the fandoms they love, and having a blast!

Fans can play fandom trivia for top artists like BTS, EXO, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Beyonce, Camila Cabello, and more. They can answer up to 25 questions per game, with new questions every time they play.  But watch out! Once you get 3 questions wrong, the game is over. Playing trivia is fun, informative, and a great way for fans to earn stars, which helps them rise the leaderboards and prove they’re the biggest fan!

Each game begins with a bonus ‘Question of the Day’ which also gets sent to them by an in-app and push notification. And while playing, fans unlock Bonus Questions every time they answer three question correctly in a row. The Bonus Questions include Image Reveal Puzzles, Name That Music Video Questions, and Video Mashup Puzzles. They’re so much fun, and according to many, addictive!

Fans can play solo, head-to-head against their friends, or with a random challenger. Here are the top trivia games on Fanpage: K-POP: Pop: Other:

So, are you ready to play? Then download the Fanpage App, challenge your friends, and have a blast!