The Fanpage Fan Army Charts

The Fanpage Fan Army Charts

The Fanpage Fan Army Charts are now available to the public, where fans can view the top 50 trending Fan Armies, as well as the Greatest of All Time. The Charts are available at

On the Fan Army Charts, fans can also vote for their favorite fandom, and are also given the opportunity to download the Fanpage app where they can create unlimited votes for their Fan Army by connecting with other fans, posting and sharing content, watching music videos and playing trivia. The Fan Army Charts are updated in real time and are reset for trending status on a monthly basis.

The Fanpage Fan Army Charts have quickly become a leading identifier in measuring the strength, size and engagement level of fan armies in the music and entertainment industry. While the Trending 50 and Greatest of All Time are available to the public, all other Charts are only available on Fanpage, including Fan Army Charts for all major music genres and pop culture. The top 10 greatest Fan Armies of all time are:



Shawn Mendes: Mendes Army

One Direction: Directioners

Justin Bieber: Beliebers

Camila Cabello: Camilizers


Got7: IGOT7

Harry Styles: Stylers


To help your Fan Army rise up the charts, visit and vote, or download the Fanpage App, available worldwide, on iTunes and Google Play.