Fanpage is ‘Leveling Up’ on Fandom Based Mobile Games

Fanpage is ‘Leveling Up’ on Fandom Based Mobile Games

With Fanpage’s fandom based trivia games racking up over 2.8 million games played with over 32 million trivia questions answered, it’s fair to say that fans are engaged, having fun, and more than ever, wanting more.

Fandom based games are the newest way for fans to interact, compete, gain status within their fan army, and oh yea, have fun. The KPOP super group BTS has just announced their upcoming mobile game ‘BTS World’ and the pre-registration alone is rattling server farms around the world.

And with the benefits to the fans being obvious, the real value to the fandoms themselves are more hidden, but could prove to be even more important. First, games that center around fandoms are showing to create a deeper connection between the fan and the fandom, which can result in increases in streams, views and even ticket sales, as well strengthening fan loyalty. In addition, the data bread crumbs left behind can give both artists and their labels valuable insights into their fan’s engagement, knowledge and future tendencies. 

With all of that in mind, and by popular demand, Fanpage is set to roll-out it’s next super fun, addicting, and as always free, fandom based game which will live within the Fanpage mobile app. The game is called Round Up and will initially be available for the top 50 fandoms on Fanpage including BTS, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and most other chart topping artists that you would expect.

Like our original trivia games, fans will be able to play solo, against a friend, or against a random opponent. Fans will get 5 spins of the wheel which will randomly land on one of 7 categories, all of which will launch a mini game including Tune Up (name that tune), Word Up (similar to hangman), Image Reveal Puzzles, Video Mashup, Look Up (a hidden objects game), Trivia Teasers, and a Mystery Category. All are focused on the specific fandom, tons of fun, and incredibly addictive – just ask our app testers!

So stay on the lookout for your new favorite fandom games coming soon. And if you’re an artist, label or management company looking for ways to grow your fandom and better know your fans, contact us at