Hang Out With Hunter Hayes



This is going to be a blast! Or should we say, a blast to the past? To the 80’s that is! One lucky fan and a friend are flying to Nashville to have drinks with Hunter Hayes...or sodas if you're under 21:) Then you’ll head to one of the funnest benefit concerts in all of Nashville, where Hunter and a slew of other top Country Music Stars will perform their favorite 80s hits at an 80s dance party concert extravaganza. Like, TOTALY AWESOME! (imagine that last line with a certain Valley Girl vibe).

Here’s how to win:

First download the Fanpage App and join the Hunter Hayes Fan Army. Next, climb the leaderboard by earning stars and unlocking badges. You can earn stars by watching Hunter’s music videos, listening to his iHeartRadio Channel, posting your favorite pictures, sharing his music, connecting with other fans, and playing Hunter Hayes Trivia and other super fun games! The fan who ends up #1 on the Contest Leaderboard by September 18th at 11:59 CST wins!


Drinks with Hunter Hayes (30 minutes)

2 tickets to see Hunter perform at a Nashville 80s Themed Benefit Concert

$1,000 for airfare and hotel

So are you ready to do the Safety Dance or Walk Like an Egyptian? Then Come On Eileen and download the Fanpage App, and we’ll see you in Nashville!