Hunger suppressed by latest ‘Games’: Hunger Games Fandom

Hunger suppressed by latest ‘Games’: Hunger Games Fandom

The Hunger Games Fandom is trying to supress its cravings on!

Well, that’s it, Ladies and Gents. That’s all she wrote. The last and final installment to the wildly popular Hunger Games has finally been released to the general public. No more tales of trials and tribulations with Katniss and Peeta.  No more close-ups of Gal Hawthorne – sigh – and for better or for worse, no more “tributes”, “games”, “tours” or bow and arrow shootings. Shucks.

The Suzanne Collins trilogy is one that has sparked a new fandom in the hearts of many adventure/sci-fi seekers, and remains a trending movement – even after the lowest grossing film of them all hit theaters just a few short weeks ago. 

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 sadly did not meet the highest expectations of executives and other hopefuls of the film – but still did well when met by public approval. Sources indicate that since December 15, the film has grossed over $246 million in North America alone, and a worldwide total of $573 million. Not too shabby, actually. Having said that though, the series’ starting film, The Hunger Games, earned just shy of $212 million its opening weekend. 

As bad as the final chapter in this fantasy film series may be compared to the other additions, we’re still cheering on this great picture, and its predecessors in the series. We’re not alone either: fans are still eager to spend their Friday and Saturday nights at the movies watching J Law tear up the screen with her kickboxing moves – which rumor has it gave co-star Josh Hutcherson a literal concussion while fooling around off-camera. 

We’re sad to see the drama end in a fictitious dystopian place like Panem, but we feel so lucky to have been able to have a front row seat of its annual Hunger Games.