Fanpage Tech Used at iHeart Radio’s JingleBall

Fanpage Tech Used at iHeart Radio’s JingleBall

What does every fan want more than anything while attending a concert? To go backstage and meet a super star.  So for the first time at the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball concert in Chicago, fans were given the opportunity to compete on fanpage to win this very chance.

Fans created their Jingle Ball fanpage, posted their pictures from the event and shared on social media. The more likes, shares and followers they received, the higher they rose up the fanpage leaderboard. At the end of the contest the fan at the top of the leaderboard was the winner and went backstage to meet a superstar. Checkout the excitement:

The other winner of the night was iHeart Radio. As fans competed, they also indirectly acted as social brand advocates, sharing their experience with other like-minded fans, building the iHeart brand, and promoting the concert series.

From concerts and sporting events, to run-of-the mill marketing campaigns, fanpage can turn competing fans into social brand advocates…and at no cost.

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