The Bachelor is Back – Time to Have a ‘Bachelor’ Party!

The Bachelor is Back – Time to Have a ‘Bachelor’ Party!

The Bachelor Fandom is growing at!

Uh-Oh, ladies. It’s baaack…or should I say he’s back? That’s right, The Bachelor returns for its 20th season, on ABC. It is scheduled to premiere on January 4th, 2016. Did I just hear a collective ‘ah’ from all the women?

Apparently this season kicks off with quite the exciting night in the mansion, and our bachelor, Ben Higgins (who is quite scrumptious if I may say) has a few interesting women to choose from, too.

It’s not surprising that too many details aren’t out yet – they don’t want to ruin the surprise, obviously! What we do know is that a couple of gals from previous seasons are back to try their hand at the game. Eh-hem, that seems totally unfair – why is that they get to be on the show twice and we don’t even get one chance? Lame. Among the new cast of ladies, there will be a small business owner, a couple of bartenders and a war vet – I know, cool, right?

Need something to tide you over before the start of the incredible 2oth season? Follow The Bachelor on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for news, updates, and obviously – sigh – pictures. Still not enough? Check out ABC’s official The Bachelor webpage, where you can check out sneak peeks, old clips and again – see amazing pictures of our new heartthrob, Ben. I think we’re going to wear out our mouse clickers on that page.

While we might not get to actually be on the show or talk to Ben in person, fortunately for us we get to stare at some very handsome eye candy in a couple of weeks and live vicariously through the women on show. We here at fanpage can hardly wait!