Join Your Fan Army on Fanpage

Join Your Fan Army on Fanpage

Fan Armies rule. No, literally, they rule. They are passionate, motivated and will defend their fandom at all costs. These Fan Armies are now dictating everything from the music charts to pop culture, and even though the first Fandom and Fan Army dates back to the beginning of the 21st century with the Sherlockians (followers of the Sherlock Holmes novels), Fan Armies really began to gain influence just 10-12 years ago.

It was 2006 that brought about a trifecta of technology that would forever change the landscape of fandom and pop culture. The first of these was high speed internet to the home, which gave fans the ability to access content on demand. The second was the in-phone camera with video recording capabilities, which gave fans the ability to create content on demand. The 3rd and final piece to this Fan Army fueling formula was social media, which allowed fans to connect and share content. With this formula in place, fandoms became larger, more powerful with their influence, and in many cases, more niche than ever.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve created Fanpage – a hub of over 1,000 Fan Army Communities where fans can connect, share, discover, play and compete.

You can check out some of Fanpage’s Fan Army Communities by clicking on their links below, but to join your Army and gain full access to all of the fans, content, games and fun, you’ll need to download the app. But for now, here’s a taste of some of the best Fan Armies on Fanpage:


Justin Bieber: Beliebers


Selena Gomez: Selenators

Taylor Swift: Swifties

One Direction: Directioners

Ariana Grande: Arianators


Shawn Mendes: Mendes Army

Super Junior: E.L.F.

Little Mix: Mixers

Camila Cabello: Camilizers

Harry Styles: Stylers

SHINee: SHINee World or Shawols

Why Don’t We: Limelights

Monster X: Mon Bebe

Demi Lovato: Lovatics

Girl’s Generation: Sones


ZAYN: Zquad



Red Velvet: ReVeluv

Charlie Puth: Puthers or Puthinators


Wanna One: Wannable

Fifth Harmony: Harmonizers

Seventeen: Carat


5 Seconds of Summer: 5SOSFAM

Katy Perry: KatyCats

Ed Sheeran: Sheerios

Harry Potter: Potterheads

Star Wars: Jedis

Bruno Mars: Hooligans


LOONA: The Orbit

So, want to join your Fan Army and geek out with other fans around the world? Or help your Fandom compete in the monthly Battle of the Fan Armies, or even compete to become the biggest fan? Then download the Fanpage app in the iTunes or Google Play stores, and get ready to have some fun!