Nascar Fandom is on the Rise: Start Your Engines!

Nascar Fandom is on the Rise: Start Your Engines!

NASCAR is a driving force on Fanpage!

Vroom vroom! That’s the most beautiful sound in the world to a loyal NASCAR fan. And there’s little question as to why, either. The sound of the engines, the smell of the exhaust fumes, the anticipation of the race! Ah, it’s too much to take in all at once, let me shift back down into first gear.

If we ourselves are not fans of the popular sport, then we have a friend or two, or at least an acquaintance who is a fan. Not surprisingly it is reported that over 75 million people are NASCAR fans, and 40% of that fan base are women. 

While men and women may have different reasons for loving the sport – and perhaps different reasons for loving Jeff Gordon – at the end of the day, the most important thing is that people are fans. They’re watching the games, buying tickets, and plugging their ears in the bleachers for fear of their ears bleeding from the noise level. But that’s all a part of the fun! Still, some may ask the question: Why is NASCAR so hot? 

One theory is that it’s because the sport is so simple: While non-fans may see it as just going around and around in a circle like a merry-go-round – the bottom line is, it’s easy to comprehend. The first person to make it to finish line, wins. Unlike in football, or baseball or even soccer where you have a surfeit of rules.

Another idea is that NASCAR has become a very family-friendly sport. With families going to racing events by the multitudes, it has become popular among all ages and sexes.

Another important reason we know for a fact NASCAR is so popular is because of the time the drivers take out of their lives to be so accessible to their fans – the whole reason they are as famous as they are. Without the fans, where would they be? And as opposed to other superstar sportsmen out there today, the drivers of NASCAR actually care about their fan base – and that’s a really important and great thing.

Whatever the reason may be NASCAR has come far in its fandom fair. Maybe at the end of the day people just really like fast cars. And good looking drivers. And loud car noises. And the smell of hot rubber burning on the tracks. And…and…Jeff Gordon. 

So, ready to express your NASCAR fandom?  Create a Fanpage for your favorite driver, and compete to become the biggest fan, and oh, did we mention, maybe win pit passes to Daytona?  Then download our app for iPhone or Android at You can check out one of our favorite NASCAR Fanpages here.

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