On the Tour Bus with Justin Moore!

Do you love Justin Moore as much as we do? Are you his biggest fan? Well prove it and we’ll send you and a friend to his show in Louisville Kentucky where you’ll watch his show from a special VIP section, get two backstage passes and hang with Justin himself on his tour bus before the show! BOOM!!!

So here’s what you do. First, download the Fanpage App and join Justin Moore’s Fan Community. Next, climb the leaderboard by earning stars and unlocking badges for watching his music videos, listening to Justin Moore Radio, playing Justin Moore trivia, posting and sharing your favorite pics and videos, and connecting with other fans.The fan who ends up #1 on the Justin Moore Fan Army Contest Leaderboard by June 28, 2019 at 11:59PM CST wins!


2 Tickets for the Louisville Show on August 9th

2 Backstage Passes

Hangout Session on the tour bus: Prior to the show, the winner and guest will be escorted on to Justin’s bus to meet him and spend time with him.

Access to a dedicated VIP space to watch the show from.

$1000 Allowance for Airfare and Hotel

So download Fanpage, have a blast, and win!