Sherlock: Sleuthing for a New Season

Sherlock: Sleuthing for a New Season

The Sherlock Fandom is exploding on Fanpage!   Its baaack…well, at least it will be soon enough. It’s rumored that in the Spring of 2016, Sherlock’s fourth season will be headed into production, and die-hard fans are having a hard time hanging on until then.

Too many cliffhangers, too many unsolved puzzles, mysteries and complexities of the show still linger in the air – with us all scratching our heads and asking the question: When will we know what really happened?

Sherlock, set in modern-day London, takes the character through twists and turns, plots and ploys just as the late 19th century author had in his original manuscripts. 

Although waiting will be difficult for those longing to uncover whatever mysteries lay wait for Sherlock and Watson, something to soothe the agony of impatience is right around the corner. According to Masterpiece and PBS, they will be airing a Sherlock special on January 1st, 2016. I know, I know – try to stay calm.

If you find yourself going through withdrawals before the new season, you could always go to Chatzy and talk with some people about your favorite moments of the show. Just to keep you grounded until Spring. And if that doesn’t hold you, then maybe you should check out Sherlockedan upcoming event to be announced this month, which will take place in the UK. There’s to be cast and crew from the show, autograph booths, themed activities and more! Um, that sounds amazing. Can they please hurry up so we can join in on the fun now?

It’s pretty much inevitable that those who share the Sherlock fandom will be tuning into see the special, trying to get tickets to this event in England, and be setting their TiVos to record the new season. After all, it’s elementary, my dear Watson.