Taylor Swift Season is Here!

Taylor Swift Season is Here!


Taylor season has arrived! New music, an upcoming tour, a rekindled friendship with Katy Perry…ahhhh…all seams right in the world. So to celebrate we’re having a Taylor Swift contest on Fanpage! We’ve gotten our hands on an autographed polaroid picture of Taylor, and you could win it! Here’s how:

Download the Fanpage app and join the Swifts in the Taylor Swift Fan Community. Next, climb the leaderboard by earning stars and unlocking badges. You can earn stars by watching Taylor’s music videos, listening to her iHeartRadio Channel, posting your favorite pictures, sharing her new music, connecting with other Swifties, and playing Taylor Trivia and other super fun games! The fan who ends up #1 on the Contest Leaderboard by August 28, 2019 at 11:59 CST wins!

So download the app, prove you’re one of her biggest fans, and win!