Hillsong United Fandom: Why Fans Unite Over ‘Hillsong’

Hillsong United Fandom: Why Fans Unite Over ‘Hillsong’

Hilsong United is uniting fans all over the place, and they’re meeting up on Fanpage!

Move over Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, a new movement in Christian music is in town and it’s very different than anything we’ve heard before. While Christian (a.k.a praise and worship) music has been around for decades now, and has evolved gradually over time, it’s only been within the past ten years or so that it’s come to a point of being down right charismatic through and through.

Gone are the days of “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art”, instead we have songs like “Here I Am to Worship” or “Empires”. Songs that have less thought provoking lyrics – and more entertaining and moving chords.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. Not only does this type of music get people more interested in the foundation and purpose of the music, but it doesn’t hurt the music industry either. A win win for everyone involved, really. It’s no surprise that amid all the popularity that this genre of rock/pop/jazz – or whatever category you want to throw this sound into – falls, the most popular of the crowd is a band known as “Hillsong United”. Even if you’re not trying to hear one of their songs, you probably already have. Their lyrics are sung in churches and played on the radio all over the world, and they’ve performed to live audiences in size, rivaling bands of any genre.

The word on the street is that Hillsong United got their start back in the ’90s ministering to a youth group at their church. One thing led to another and by 1998 they were out on their own as an official band, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Their lyrics strike a chord – excuse the pun – with audiences of different generations, centering primarily on the instant gratification of worship in its most simplistic form. With catchy sounds and rhythms, in 2013, the band’s single “Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail)” reached number one on American Billboard Christian Songs chart, and ranked number 83 in 2014 on America’s Hot 100 chart.

While it doesn’t appear that they have been nominated for a Grammy this year, fans of Hillsong United are just as comfortable knowing that they are doing their part in sharing the good news, and touching people’s lives in a meaningful way. That, and they’re content buying each new album the band puts out, year after year. With sounds as powerful and uplifting as these, it leaves little to the imagination as to why they have as much of a following as they do. God bless ’em!