Virtual Reality & Video Games: A Fandom’s New Frontier

Virtual Reality & Video Games: A Fandom’s New Frontier

Virtual Reality and the Video Game Fandom on Fanpage.

So what was it that Lawnmower Man and the sequel to Back to the Future had in common? They were both very right about virtual reality. Not that we think we’ll be able to learn Latin within two hours – though that would be awesome – or strive for world domination, and actually make that possible – that would be kind of awesome too, but we digress. There are other possible positives to the upcoming movement that is going to take video games by storm, and we’re having a hard time calming down about it.

Virtual reality is a term that we have been hearing for decades now. Something that was merely science fiction to us thirty years ago, is very much a reality now. And it’s only going to get that much more real within the next year or so.

Let’s start with the games that are coming out in 2016. Robinson: The Journey. It seems very doubtful that if I were to put the headset on while playing this Sony virtual reality game, I would not curl up into the fetal position and wait for the dinosaurs to either eat me or leave me. That’s how real this game looks and apparently feels once inside. The player is in the shoes of a young boy who is “shipwrecked” on a distant fantasy planet with giant creatures, including dinosaurs – scary ones at that – and we’re meant to, well, I guess survive. Sounds like some extremely intense evening play!

If that doesn’t really float your boat, you can try another new game on the block created by Sony available on Playstation entitled The Modern Zombie Taxi Company. While driving a London cab around town, the player chauffers the undead to different locations in a somewhat lighthearted horror game. There are weapons involved, the game’s characters are described as cartoonish, and the feel is a bit undetermined as to whether one is meant to feel frightened or free. Either way, it sounds interesting enough that it has peeked our curiosity.

Oculus is also coming out next year with its now highly talked about and hyped up Oculus Rift which should be available for consumers in the ballpark of $1,500! Must be some pretty amazing technology at that price. The only drawback sounds like you’ll need to have a PC hooked up and running Microsoft. It’s apparently not a standalone device. Hmm…for $1,500 you’d think you could fly with this machine, too! But, we’ll give them a pass for now because after all, the machine is supposedly off the chains! One of the games it supports is Alien Isolation – we can’t wait!

And as anticipated consumers, we’re not the only ones excited.  Silicon Valley is pouring money into the space with over 75 investments made and more to come – which means not only the hardware, but also, loads of great content is on its way, and fast.  Alexander Taussig, a partner at Highland Capital was quoted saying, “Never before has a technology gotten so much attention before actually getting to consumers”.  This is going to be big.   

Long gone are the days of Pac Man, Tetris and Donkey Kong. The future is officially here, and we couldn’t be more elated – we love new toys!

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