World Cup Fandom: Why the ‘Cup’ is So Worldly

World Cup Fandom: Why the ‘Cup’ is So Worldly

The World Cup fandom is kicking off on Fanpage!

Watch out Super Bowl, there’s a new growing fandom in sporting events, and it’s taking the globe over by storm! What is this new fascination that people just can’t get enough of? The World Cup! And what is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the World Cup? Well, David Beckham of course. Oh, that’s just me? You’re loss.

No, what we really think of – or what most soccer fans think of anyway – is soccer. More commonly known around the world actually, as football. David Beckham is just a small facet in an entire phenomenon growing daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The whole soccer scene is exploding – not just with Beckham, who actually retired well over a year ago. The industry is booming with loads of other gents just like him from literally all around the world, and for most of us, we enjoy watching them run around a big field in their shorts kicking a ball. Oh, is that just me again?

These soccer players who dominate the field, compete to arrive at the World Cup which takes place every four years. Europeans are not the only ones who love them some soccer anymore, either. Americans are taking more and more interest in the sport, and the event is seeing more and more fans worldwide each year that its played.

So what’s the reason for the explosion of this fandom of  the World Cup?

Tim Vickery, a soccer journalist based out of Rio explains that “football” is the greatest way for people of all nations to express their patriotism by rooting for their team/country during the World Cup. Makes sense, no?

After all, the only other time we can really do that is when we’re watching the Olympics every four years. That or when we catch Miss Universe. We hope Steve Harvey won’t be reffing 2018’s ‘Cup, though.

Or it could just simply be that we love the game; no matter our race, ethnicity or nationality. And if it brings us all together every four years – that’s wonderful! The world needs an excuse to join together and unite. Although in this case we’re usually throwing things at each other, mostly slurs and beer cans – but we’re still together, right?

There are so many teams it’s really hard to keep track. Even in Italy alone there are more than a good handful – in fact, Rome has its own team and so does the region Lazio, which is where Rome is located! Romans competing against Romans. Sounds like Gladiator times.

The fandom is so huge in fact, that reports are showing some sky-rocketing stats over how much audiences are actually viewing games. After the German-Argentinian World Cup match in 2014, results showed that it was the most watched soccer game in American history! That’s more than just a few people interested in watching someone kick a black and white ball around. If that weren’t enough, FIFA has recorded a massive total of 715 million people watching the finale in the 2006 ‘Cup’. Dude.

Brazil, Portugal, African nations and more – The World Cup really is just that: A cup which is overflowing with the nations of the entire globe. Perhaps that really is the reason, or at least part of, why it’s so much fun to watch, root and stay glued to the tube when it’s on.

World Cup fans from all over are expressing their fandom for their favorite teams on, and competing to become their team’s biggest fan. Here’s one of our favorites! 

Are you a fan?